In today’s economy people are repairing more often than replacing items. The need to maintain a home and in tip-top shape is becoming important. Landlords and Owners have made this a top priority as repairing and maintaining is far less than replacing.

There is a gap in the market, for those small repairs that the professional plumber, builder, electrician, fitter charge for a fee, also to go and buy tools for 1 job was exorbitant.  These small items add up and can cost the home owner hundreds of Rands. 

I fill the gap where the home owner can have anything small or big, repaired, fixed, renewed, installed or made from scratch.

I have experience in the building industry for over 17 years and grew up with a father who taught me most that I know. I am a “handy” man and I will care for your house as I care for my own.
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